Une femme est vivement critiquée parce que son mari est "trop beau" pour elle

Quand la photographe de mariage Jenna Kutcher a reçu un message lui demandant comment elle avait réussi à épouser un homme aussi beau que son mari, elle a voulu adresser un message à toutes ses critiques.

Le 14 mars, Jenna qui est âgée de 29 ans et vit à Fort Atkinson, dans le Winsconsin, a partagé une photo d'elle et de son mari, Drew Kutcher qui est âgé de 31 ans, sur Instagram.

Prise par la photographe Lindsey Roman, la photo touchante montre le couple vêtu de maillots de bains, s'embrassant joyeusement tout en marchant sur une plage de Hawaï.

Le cliché, qui a amassé plus de 149 000 likes, était accompagné d'une légende surprenante et inspirante.

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Confession: this photo landed itself in the “never share to Instagram” category pretty quick because of that sweet little extra roll of flesh that hung over my pants that you probably didn’t even notice until I pointed it out. Why do we pick ourselves apart? Deeming moments as “not-Instagram-worthy” because of their imperfections? SO STUPID, we are better than this! ❌ I found myself scrolling through memories on my camera roll the other day (thanks to running out of memory) and was admiring how beautiful and alive and strong I looked in past images... but then I remembered those real moments filled with: insecurity, fear of feeling fat, wanting to hide. ✨ In hindsight, I wish I had punched my inner mean girl and told myself: you are alive, you are beautiful, you are worthy, and perfect is boring anyways. So here’s to sharing those slightly imperfect but fully alive moments that belong in my feed because those are the ones I’ll look back on and remember ME, just as I am. 🙋🏼 Outfit details: http://liketk.it/2voW1 #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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Jenna a révélé que quelqu'un lui avait envoyé un message disant qu'il "n'arrivait pas à croire qu'[elle] avait réussi à conquérir un homme aussi beau" que Drew.

"Je vais être honnête  j'ai été surprise, " a écrit Jenna. "Une partie du manque de confiance que j'ai en mon corps vient du fait que je suis mariée avec monsieur abdominaux lui-même."

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We’ve done a lot of crazy things but buying @thekutchercondo 2.0 sight unseen made us feel like we were on an HGTV show that could go very, very bad. ✨ BUT, it didn’t. When we walked through it for the first time only a week ago, it felt crowded, dark, and the amount of turtle decor in the space made us call it “turtle palace.” 🐢 Thankfully, our friend @eastcoastcreative came to our rescue and kicked us out of the condo for the weekend while she worked PURE magic. The woman’s a genius! We’ll be sharing before/afters and a video of the project soon, but for now, we’re snuggled on the new couch celebrating! 🙋🏼 We are so excited to welcome you into this (non-turtle filled) space and can’t wait to share our slice of the island with you! Maui has been such a huge part of our story and we love sharing our home with YOU to enjoy while we’re on the mainland. 🌴 Make sure you’re following @thekutchercondo so you can see the full makeover and be the first to reserve 2.0 for your next island adventure! Who’s coming first? #kutchersinkihei

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"Pourquoi moi, une femme avec des formes, aurais-je le droit de l'avoir? Je me sens indigne de lui et dans ma tête je me dis que je ne le mérite pas parce que je ne suis pas maigre."

Elle a continué, "Cet homme a accepté chaque courbe, chaque bourrelet, chaque kilos et chaque bouton au cours des dix dernières années et il m'a toujours dit que j'étais belle même quand je ne le pensais pas. Alors oui, mes cuisses se touchent, mes bras son gros, et mes fesses sont bosselées mais cela lui donne juste plus de surface à aimer et j'ai choisit un homme qui pourrait supporter tout ça (et bien plus encore."

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Someone once slid into my DMs and told me they couldn’t believe I had managed to land a guy as good looking as @kickingitwithkutch. I’ll be honest that I was taken aback. ✨ Part of my insecurity with my body has stemmed around being married to Mr. 6-Pack himself. Why should I, a curvy girl get him? I feel unworthy and when I write narratives in my head that because I am not thin, I don’t deserve him. 🙋🏼 This man has embraced every curve, every dimple, pound and pimple for the last ten years and has always me reminded me that I’m beautiful even when my inner dialogue doesn’t match. 🙌🏻 So yes, my thighs kiss, my arms are big, and my bum is bumpy but there is just more of me for him to love and I chose the man that could handle alllll that (and so much more!) ✨ I am so much more than my body, so is he, and so are you. Double tap if true love doesn’t see size. Photo by: @mrslindseyroman

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Jenna a reçu des commentaires très positifs de la part de ses 670 000 followers sur Instagram.

Dans un autre message sur le célèbre réseau social, elle a écrit, "Nous avons passé les derniers jours stupéfaits par le fait que la société pense que voir deux personnes (qui n'ont pas la même morphologie) en couple mérite de faire les gros titres, et pourtant nous avons décidé de l'accepter parce que cela veut dire que pouvons partager notre message avec VOUS, avec le monde."

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I just wanted to quick say how weird this whole “going viral”  thing has been while we’re showing up on all the main news sites and suddenly newsworthy.  Holy, there’s a lot of new faces hanging out here, what’s up!? If you’ve been here awhile, thanks for being awesome! I love what’s happening and I love how more people are getting to see what our married life is like, but that’s why it’s so weird to me in the first place. We’re just an average, Midwest married couple who hangs with their dogs and loves having fun together.  Isn’t marriage supposed to be about love, acceptance and cherishing one another no matter what? The way we look has nothing to do with the way we love and viral or not, we’re just thankful to have each other and inspire others. At the end of the day worthiness can’t come from other people’s opinions of you, it has to come from within and if doing life with my beautiful wife is newsworthy, then let us be an example of what real #relationshipgoals are! 👫🙌🏼🐶 Tag your partner in crime below if you love them no matter what! . THANK YOU 📸 @mrslindseyroman!

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"Nous ne sommes pas nos corps. Je ne suis pas définie par des adjectifs tels que "voluptueuse" ou grande taille, et Drew n'est pas simplement défini par ses abdos,'" a-t-elle ajouté.

"Au final, nous sommes l'homme et la femme qui sont tombés amoureux et ont commencé à sortir ensemble au lycée après que [Drew] ait perdu un pari qui a mené à notre premier baiser - et vous connaissez le reste," a-t-elle continué. "Notre histoire a eu ses hauts et ses bas, ses bons et ses mauvais moments, et nous avons décidé de nous montrer et de partager notre message. Parce que nous pensons que le monde a envie de concret et l'attention que notre histoire a attiré l'a prouvé."

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THE REALITY OF GOING VIRAL: We’ve spent the last few days gawking at the fact that society believes that seeing two people (who happen to have different body types) in love is newsworthy, and yet we are embracing it whole heartedly because it means that we get to share our message with YOU, with the world. 〜 We are not our bodies. I am not defined by titles like “curvy” or plus size, Drew is not defined by “Mr. Six Pack.” At the end of the day, we are the girl and the guy who fell in love and started dating in college after @kickingitwithkutch lost a bet that led to a first kiss - the rest is history. 〜 Our story is has held ups and down, light and loss and we’ve chosen to show up and turn the mess into our message. Because we believe the world is hungry for REAL and going viral has proven that. 〜 Here we are: Jenna and Drew, a small town couple who are as normal as they come and more in love today than the day they said “I do.” You might have met us because of our bodies but I pray you fall in love with our hearts and souls and stick around awhile. Will you? 〜 Photo by: @mrslindseyroman

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Drew a aussi partagé sa propre photo sur Instagram et a déclaré qu'il était bouleversé par les réactions positives.

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