Mike Horn : le moment émouvant où ses filles ont appris qu'il avait été secouru dévoilé

L’explorateur sud-africain Mike Horn et son acolyte Børge Ousland ont connu des difficultés extrême en Arctique. Après avoir été secouru le 07 décembre 2019, sa fille a enfin partagé ses inquiétudes.

Être en Arctique est une expérience difficile même pour Mike et son équipe qui sont habitués à des situations chaotiques.

L’aventurier a dû faire face à des obstacles sur la banquise du pôle nord ce qui rend inquiète sa famille, notamment sa fille. Lorsque finalement, l'explorateur est sauvé, sa fille n’a pas manqué d'extérioriser sur instagram son émotion.

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Expedition Update 43: As we impatiently wait for more news and photos from Mike and @BorgeOusland, we thought it would be nice to give you a little sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes. The past couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster above all for Mike and Borge on the ice, but also for all the people supporting and following this epic expedition. So here's a little video of my sister @JessicaaHorn when she found out that the 4 explorers had finally met up in the dark after successfully crossing the lead that was separating them. It is difficult to put emotions into words in these types of situations, but for us and the rest of our amazing team, who work so closely to Mike to help him make his dreams come true, these are the moments we live for! The last news we received late yesterday night is that the two duo of explorers had managed to get closer and closer to each other until all of a sudden, they spotted each other's headlamp lights in the distance. From what we were told, the 4 men all started shouting cries of joy when they saw the lights! I try to picture what this reunion must have been like...Imagine seeing two strangers on the ice after spending almost 3 months alone with no other sign of life than that of your expedition partner. Knowing @MikeHornExplorer, he must have been euphoric. I can just imagine hearing his "woohoooo" resonating in the silent polar night coming from nothing else than a headlamp light. I wish we could have been there to witness what must have been a truly historical moment! That being said, the expedition is not over yet! The guys still have to make their safe way back onto Lance, about 15km away, which they hope to complete by tonight or tomorrow morning. But one thing is sure, the end is in arm's reach now. Soon Mike and Borge will be welcomed onboard Lance, which will then backtrack its way out of the ice and meet up with Pangaea, which will be waiting for them at the edge of the ice so they can hop back onboard and officially finish their expedition! We are now waiting for Paps to give us a call and update us on the current situation, so sit tight, more news to come. 🤞@annikahorn

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Jessica Horn, la fille de l’aventurier n’a pas pu cacher son émotion lorsqu'elle avait appris que son père était hors de danger. Sur son compte Instagram, elle a partagé une vidéo retraçant les moments forts de l'expédition. 

À la dernière nouvelle, après s'être perdus de vue, les deux explorateurs avait réussi à se rapprocher puis ont fini par voir de la lumière. Les explorateurs ont alors crié afin que les secours puissent les localiser.

Lorsqu’une personne lui a posé la question “es-tu soulagée ?”, Jessica Horn, la fille de l’aventurier a répondu "oui" avant de fondre en larmes. 


Après avoir vécu dans la glace et avoir fait face aux difficultés de l’Arctique, l’un des endroits le plus froid de la planète, Mike Horn et son compagnon Børge Ousland ont pu rejoindre le bateau pour être secouru par les sauveteurs.

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Expedition Update 45: We made it!!! We made it to Lance with our last day of food ration. It was an amazing arrival! From far we could see the lights of Lance and as we were skiing towards it, the lights got bigger and bigger and eventually we just stepped off the ice and onto it boat and the rest was history! The last 12 km were tough, we were doing about 2-3km/hour. We were really moving at a slow pace but remaining constant. Eventually when we managed to get onto boat, and all of a sudden we felt totally relaxed. We were welcomed with a great meal of spinach soup, steak and chocolate fondant and ice cream. Just an amazing welcome! We are feeling exhausted and very tired mentally and physically right now. But as we stepped onto the boat, our bodies could switch off survival mode and we were relieved of all stress. After eating we took a long shower and the hot water against our skin felt incredible! We are now going to sleep well and rest while we make our way back to Norway. As for Lance, we are currently stuck in the ice but trying to make our way out of it! And once we get out, we will be heading south and meeting up with Pangaea in a matter of days! photo: Jørgen Braastad/copyright VG» #vgnett #paneraiheroes #MB #swiza #crosscall #speedcast

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Une séquence riche en émotion :

"Les dernières nouvelles que nous avons reçues hier soir tard sont que les deux duos d'explorateurs ont réussi à se rapprocher jusqu'à ce que, soudain, ils repèrent leurs phares au loin",

a été partagé en légende de la vidéo.

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Expedition Update 42 : After getting an update from Mike & Børge, Aleksander and Bengt and the Lance, we finally have a clear update on the current situation to share with you. Yesterday, adamant to meet up with the two Norwegian explorers, Mike and @BørgeOusland gave it their all! After only 4 hours of sleep they set off into the darkness as the wind slowly began picking up. A storm was on its way and they wanted to make as much progress towards @aleksandergamme and @polarbengt before being blocked by the incoming storm. After 11 hours of nonstop walking, they reached a point where they were only 7km apart from each other, so they decided to walk another hour towards them to make that distance even shorter. On their side, Aleksander and Bengt were also making steady progress since they first started walking on Tuesday night. Freshly introduced to the harsh environment and put to the test by the open water leads, the duo of Norwegian explorers are being extra cautious to avoid making any mistakes. After approximately 25km progress on each side towards one another, the pairs of explorers now find themselves just 3km apart, separated by a large open water lead. The storm now blowing at its strongest, the two pairs have decided to patiently wait on each side of the lead for the wind to calm down before Mike & Borge attempt their crossing. We hope that by the end of the day, the 4 explorers will be reunited! In the meantime, Lance has been trying to push its way closer towards the explorers to decrease their homerun. We hope to have some good news to share with you in the next hours.

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Une bonne nouvelle pour les explorateurs et leur famille sans parler des commentaires des fans qui se ont réagi sur les réseaux sociaux.


Mike Horn en tant qu’explorateur est très souvent absent pour partir à l’aventure. Pourtant, malgré son absence, mais surtout la perte de sa femme à la suite d’un cancer, l’aventurier et ses filles Annicka et Jessica se sont engagés dans une  promesse d'être toujours proches.

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#MikesDailyThoughts: It is safe to say, that at this stage of the expedition @BorgeOusland and I have both entered into survival mode. This got me thinking about survival and the strange behavioural pattern it triggers, which is something I realized we know and hear little about. I have observed that between Borge and I, conversations have decreased while actions have increased, which is a subconscious way for us to save all the energy we can. I have even noticed that the way we look at things has changed; we no longer admire the beauty around us, we only use our eyes to anticipate our next step and spot potential risks or threats. Here in the Arctic, we are connected to nature in way that I will never be back home. After spending 20 days in this harsh environment, I have grown sensitive to my surroundings to the point where I can now feel one degree drop in the temperature. I can also sense the speed of the wind, as well as its direction, with my eyes closed, just by the way it blows against me. I can predict the thickness of the ice by looking at it and by hearing the sound it makes when I ski over it. Here, in the Arctic, I have developed the instinct of an animal, whose one purpose is to survive. Throughout my years of exploration, my mental strength has overcome my physical strength to such an extent where I can now trust it without even having to question it. Without the power of the mind, I would have never achieved most of the things I have in my life – it is my secret tool, and the best part is that it can become yours too if it isn’t already!

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