Beauté après 50 ans : 5 erreurs de maquillage à éviter quand vous avez des cheveux blancs

Les cheveux blancs sont tout à fait naturels et ils n'ont absolument rien de honteux. Si vous prenez la décision de ne plus vous teindre les cheveux et d'assumer totalement vos cheveux blancs, vous devrez cependant effectuer quelques mofidications.

C'est en particulier au niveau de la manière dont vous vous maquillez qu'il faudra effectuer certains changements. En effet, certaines erreurs sont à éviter comme par exemple des couleurs qui n'iront plus avec votre teint. Voici quelques conseils pour éviter les erreurs les plus communes.


Les couleurs corail ou nude sont malheureusement à bannir si vous gardez vos cheveux blancs. En effet, ces teintes ont une fâcheuse tendance à créer un contraste avec vos cheveux et vos dents, leur donnant une apparence jaunie.

Il existe heureusement de nombreuses autres couleurs telles que le bleu et toutes ses déclinaisons, le fuschia, le bordeaux et le beige. Ces couleurs mettrons au contraire vos lèvres en valeur tout en rendant vos mèches blanches encore plus éclatantes.

Avec les années, la bouche peut devenir plus fine et certaines couleurs de maquillage ont malheureusement tendance à accentuer ce fait comme le rouge mat qui peut même attirer l'attention sur les rides. Préférez lui un rouge à lèvres satiné ou brillant qui donnera une impression de volume à vos lèvres.


Si vous mettez votre bouche en valeur, il est inutile de trop attirer l'attention sur vos paupières aussi sous peine de donner un aspect surchargé au rendu final de votre maquillage. 

Privilégiez ainsi des teintes beiges, taupe ou pastel pour vos fards et contentez vous du mat voir du satiné, laissant définitivement le pailleté de côté.

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“I truly feel that growing out my grey has been one of the biggest lessons in patience that I have ever experienced. I'm at about 16.5 months into the journey now. I spent 20 years dying my hair and towards the end I was doing weekly root touch ups even as I developed sores on my scalp. I was just never ready to stop. When was the ideal time? Would this negatively impact my life and career? Would I look older? And then after months of indecision, I just stopped. For no real reason... no special occasion. I just stopped out of the blue. The first 6 months were really difficult and I basically processed my anxiety about the whole ‘growing out my hair’ thing by reading the stories of other women, researching all the methods that were used to help transition, and thinking in loops about what I was going to do to make this all end quicker. Should I bleach it? Should I dye it back? Should I cut it all off? Every spin out I was no closer to a decision. I took it as a sign to just let it be. If nothing was sounding appealing, then what did I have to lose by just being patient and seeing how I felt tomorrow. Tomorrows became yesterdays over and over again, and now I don't really think about it much... I just continue to let it be. 16.5 months later, I am starting to feel like myself. A new, different, more patient version of myself. So, here we are in quarantine. All of us waiting for information of when our lives will get back to some form of normal. Many of us filled with anxiety and not sure what this will mean for our lives. We keep researching and googling and trying to find the answer, and nothing is clear. So, all we are really left with is that we have to let it be. There may be tricky moments along the way and we may have a bumpy road to get there, but one day, not so long from now, I think we are all going to wake up to new, different, more patient versions of ourselves.” @rneubs #grombre #gogrombre #grombabe

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Le crayon et le khôl sur l'intérieur ne sont désormais plus vos amis car ils ont le gros désavantage de donner un aspect plus petit à vos yeux. Vous avez cependant de nombreuses autres options !

Vous pouvez vous tourner vers le liner ou bien le crayon au ras des cils ce qui peut habiller votre paupière sans trop l'alourdir et vous pouvez aussi chercher à créer un contraste avec vos cheveux blancs en bordant vos yeux avec des couleurs telles que le bleu, le gris et le rouge. 

Il ne faut pas non plus négliger vos cils et du mascara volumisant est une option qui se mariera avec le reste de votre maquillage, créant un autre contraste avec vos cheveux blancs et votre bouche précédemment mise en valeur. 

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“My first memory of going gray was during my sophomore year of high school. I was sitting in science class when a friend of mine ask to pull one of them out of my head. Ha! I don’t really remember being embarrassed but I guess it was the first time I’d even consciously thought about it. Which is some what surprising as my mother was also full blown gray for almost as long as I remembered her. It was common nature in our household and my mom rocked it always, no problem. Clearly I was not ready to rock that look as a self centered teen who’s self consciousness rules her entity. It took me a good 22 years to finally say, ‘I’ve had it!’ I’m so sick of the skunk stripe that shows up literally every 3 weeks. I have two kids, a part time job at their school, after school activities and I just didn’t have time to dye it myself, let alone the money to go do it professionally in that time frame. So at 36, I grew it out and with the help of my stylist, who I really only booked haircuts, helped me transition into what you see today. I have to say, it’s pretty nice not to have to worry about it and I am honestly lucky at this point in time that gray hair is some what fashionable. Finally rocking it like my mother before me. I don’t know why I questioned doing it for so long. It has always been a part of me and once I had it out for the whole world to see, nothing felt more natural.” @thedarkskycity #grombre #gogrombre #grombabe

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Les fonds de teint matifiants et couvrants ne se marient pas bien avec les cheveux blancs et peuvent même vous donner l'air malade. Tournez vous plutôt vers des versions lumineuses et allégées sans pour autant nécessairement changer de teinte. En effet, si vous choisissez un fond de teint trop sombre il vieillira votre visage.

Pour la base, choisissez en une qui illuminera votre teint ce qui aura pour effet de cacher vos ridules et de rappeler vos beaux cheveux blancs. Vous pouvez ajouter de l'enlumineur sur vos pomettes et sous votre arcade sourcilière ainsi qu'une crème teintée à la place de votre poudre bronzante. 

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“Being a US Army wife and mother did not leave much time for self care. Instead of embracing the gray, I spent a fortune every month coloring and highlighting It. To stretch the color, I would use makeup, color hair sprays and hats. It was awful. I decided to go gray in 2012. My youngest was seven and her birthday fell on grandparents day. I brought her lunch and my sparkling silver stripe down the middle of my dark brown hair entitled me to a ‘grandparent’s day’ photo with my daughter. Not good. I transitioned to blond thinking the gray would be less noticeable coming in. For three years I fought it. For me, the transition made me feel old. Watching the aging process through your hair can be depressing. BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! I have been gray for 5 years now and I am so thankful I pushed through it! It absolutely does NOT age you! You will shine, your eyes will pop, and your silver crown will sparkle.” @silvermama68 #grombre #gogrombre #grombabe

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Si vous tenez à ajouter de la couleur à vos sourcils, la meilleure teinte à adopter est une teinte cendrée qui se mariera très bien avec vos cheveux ou bien du marron qui créera un très beau contraste.

Le blond, le noir et le brun sont cependant à bannir car ils ont tous des inconvénients inévitables. Si vous avez d'autres questions concernant l'entretien de vos sourcils, n'hésitez pas à cliquer ici pour découvrir d'autres conseils.

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“My grays started showing at age 35. White roots didn't go well with Asian black hair. It required dyeing my hair every 3 weeks, at the least. I planned on going gray at age 60. But my husband’s near-death event in October, 2015 changed my perspective. As I cared for him while he recovered from a massive heart attack and a stroke, I asked myself how could I even worry about getting my hair colored while he struggled to regain his strength and energy? Once I decided to go gray, I was determined to get it done as fast as possible. In December, 2015, I got an uber-short pixie, shaved back and all. I have to wear suits for my job, and going to court rocking a reverse ombre took a lot of courage. People would literally do a second look and then they would stare for a long time at my hair. But then as the months went by, the stares changed to ‘I love your hair’, ‘What shade of color do you use, I’d like to get it, too’. Some would even come up to me and ask if they could touch my hair. It took 9 months to get rid of the color. It’s been 4 years since that first pixie/shaved hair. My hair feels soft and silky now. I still get comments that ‘You need to or you must color your hair, you’re too young to have gray hair’. But I note that they’re coming from people who are coloring their hair. And to them I say - No, thank you. I am okay with my grays and my wrinkles and my sun spots. Life is too short to worry about growing old. This is me and I am happy being me.” @going_gray_agunday #grombre #gogrombre

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