Mike Horn dit avoir pleuré quand il a retrouvé ses filles après son expédition en Arctique

Mike Horn était l’invité du Quotidien pour raconter son aventure dans l’Océan Arctique. Le père d’Annika et Jessica est parti le 12 septembre 2019 avec son compagnon de voyage suite à un défi qu’il a lancé afin de traverser l’océan arctique.  

Mike Horn, l’aventurier sud-africain, est enfin auprès de ses filles après avoir effectué un long voyage. Sur le plateau de l’émission le Quotidien, il a raconté leur aventure sur la neige et les moments difficiles qu’ils ont fait face lui et le Norvégien Borge Ousland. 


Ils étaient absents durant quatre mois entiers. Le défi était de traverser l'océan antarctique à ski. Le père de Jessica et d’Annika aime le défi.

D’ailleurs, il a aussi relevé un autre défi après quelques jours de repos. Cette fois, sa destination a été l'Arabie Saoudite. 

Durant son expédition dans l'Arctique, Mike Horn et son équipe étaient confrontés à des obstacles. Mike est tombé dans la glace. Les filles de ce dernier ont apporté leur aide en envoyant un SOS.

L’épreuve a été dure, mais cela n’a pas empêché l’aventurier de continuer. 

“La fin 2019 a été extrêmement dure. Cette expédition a été l’une des plus difficiles de ma vie. Parfois, je ne savais pas si on allait arriver vivant”,

a-t-il dit


Il n'y a pas mieux que de rentrer chez soi et de retrouver ses proches. Mike Horn est revenu de l’expédition et a retrouvé ses filles.

Sur le plateau de l'émission le Quotidien, il a tout avoué, notamment le fait qu’il a même pleuré en voyant ses filles Annika et Jessica. 

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Monday 30th of December - Tromsø, Norway: Today marks the official closure of @BorgeOusland and I’s #NorthPoleCrossing expedition! It’s today that I got to hug my girls @AnnikaHorn and @JessicaaHorn after over four months in the Arctic Ocean. In my 30 years of professional exploration, there have been many hellos and goodbyes with my loved ones...but this particular one was extra special. When I said goodbye on the Alaskan side, little did I know what Borge and I were really throwing ourselves into. More than once during this adventure, I asked myself if this was going to be my last goodbye...but although so many things didn’t seem to go in our favor during the expedition, we are still alive to tell the story, which at the end of the day must mean that we were rather luckier than unlucky! Now, it’s finally time for me to kick my feet up and spend some quality time with my loved ones before I start wondering what next big adventure I can embark on! Thanks again and again to my friends, family, partners and team for the support in helping me bring this expedition to life. I consider myself to be an extremely privileged man to say that today another one of my wildest dreams came true! . 📸 @etienneclaret #NorthPoleCrossing #MikeHorn #Pole2Pole

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Il a souligné :

“il faut pleurer quand on est un homme.”

Le père des deux filles est un héros. Son anecdote a touché l’animateur de l’émission ainsi que les téléspectateurs. L’aventure ne s'arrête pas là pour Mike Horn. 

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Expedition Update 8: Today, on the 11th day since we saw Pangaea sail South, we reached the latitude of 87 degrees North. Another 3 degrees north before we reach the North Pole and start heading south. Whiteout conditions all day long with light snow. The temperatures are mild, averaging at -6 C. I find it strange that we have not crossed more polar bears, but then again, it is important to know that there aren’t many left at all around here. Today we did spot a seal’s breathing hole, which would suggest that bears can’t be too far away. I’m enjoying each second of the struggle, I can feel my mind taking control over my body, feeding it with only positive impulses. I tell myself things like: “you can do it, it’s easy!”. There is no space in my mind for fatigue or negative thoughts. I focus everything on the present, solving problems with a smile on my face and my heart is filled with joy as I move slowly but surely up north. Unfortunately for us though, the drift is pushing us south again, which means we must double our distances. But the advantage of that is that I get to see what I might have missed out on during my first passage! Worry about the things you can change and forget about the thing you cannot change. #NorthPoleCrossing #Pole2Pole #MikeHorn

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L'expédition a été rude en Arctique. Mike Horn et son ami ont survécu et sont de retour. Ils ont été confrontés à des situations graves lors du voyage et l’aventurier Mike a même perdu du poids.

Découvrez la totalité de leur voyage avec Amomama. 

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Expedition Update 42 : After getting an update from Mike & Børge, Aleksander and Bengt and the Lance, we finally have a clear update on the current situation to share with you. Yesterday, adamant to meet up with the two Norwegian explorers, Mike and @BørgeOusland gave it their all! After only 4 hours of sleep they set off into the darkness as the wind slowly began picking up. A storm was on its way and they wanted to make as much progress towards @aleksandergamme and @polarbengt before being blocked by the incoming storm. After 11 hours of nonstop walking, they reached a point where they were only 7km apart from each other, so they decided to walk another hour towards them to make that distance even shorter. On their side, Aleksander and Bengt were also making steady progress since they first started walking on Tuesday night. Freshly introduced to the harsh environment and put to the test by the open water leads, the duo of Norwegian explorers are being extra cautious to avoid making any mistakes. After approximately 25km progress on each side towards one another, the pairs of explorers now find themselves just 3km apart, separated by a large open water lead. The storm now blowing at its strongest, the two pairs have decided to patiently wait on each side of the lead for the wind to calm down before Mike & Borge attempt their crossing. We hope that by the end of the day, the 4 explorers will be reunited! In the meantime, Lance has been trying to push its way closer towards the explorers to decrease their homerun. We hope to have some good news to share with you in the next hours.

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