Un chien handicapé part camper et se promener grâce à ses maîtres dévoués

Josh, 2 ans, souffre d'hypoplasie cérébelleuse, une condition qui ne lui permet pas de marcher normalement comme les autres chiens, mais son maître le lui a rendu possible.

Si les chiens nous offrent de la gentillesse inconditionnelle, pourquoi ne pas leur rendre le geste : Josh, un Goldendoodle handicapé, a apprécié la bienveillance de l'homme quand il s'est retrouvé dans sa famille.

Le chien de 2 ans ne peut pas se déplacer normalement, ce qui le met dans l'impossibilité de marcher, mais lorsque Kim Elliott et Andrew Hangartner l'ont trouvé dans un refuge pour animaux en Arizona, ils ne pouvaient le laisser là.

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Swipe 🔙 to see Greg!🐾❤️ —————————- I just left Greg’s foster home. Before I pulled out of the driveway, I sat in my car and sobbed as I uploaded videos from our visit to my IG story. I love Greg. I love them all, really. Every dog I save feels like mine at some point during our time together. Today was that day for Greg and I. A special needs, senior pit bull with a birth defect. Totally my dream dog. Today he threw himself on his back in the grass and whimpered until I rubbed his belly. His tail never stopped wagging during our visit. His yellow eyes danced and stared deep into my soul. He is legally mine you know, that’s how it works. While he may be living in a wonderful foster home, he is legally in my care. I provide for him: food, vet care, everything. If he were to run away, and get hit by a car, it’s me that’s up all night in the waiting room of the ER and my credit card that is laid down for his critical care. I’m constantly networking his story and stats in hopes of finding his perfect forever home. I screen the families. I evaluate their environment and decide if it fits Greg’s needs. I determine his future after us humans failed him the first time around. I am his second chance and so, I must choose wisely. We didn’t know each other four weeks ago, but for now, I’m his caregiver along with the help of some special people. Rescue is crazy and it’s literally the emotional equivalent of riding a roller coaster. This morning on my way out the door for work, I lost my patience. I tripped over two dogs and yelled at my mom about how full and crazy my house is right now with 3 adults, 7 dogs and contractors coming and going due to a bathroom remodel. But now, as I pull away from Greg’s foster home, I cant help but feel silly for my outburst about the 7 dogs in my house. Their barks seems less loud. Their shedding seems less taxing. Their big bodies lain all over the floor, blocking my way as I rush on by, are far less irritating. And so the coaster car slides past its last big turn. The knots in my stomach release and peace is restored. This is the life of dog rescue and it’s a choice. Because dogs. Because Josh. #dogrescue #rescuedogs #dogs #belikejosh

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"Je viens de quitter la famille d'accueil de Greg. Avant de sortir de l'allée, je me suis assise dans ma voiture et j'ai pleuré en téléchargeant les vidéos de notre visite à mon histoire à l'IG.

J'aime Greg. Je les aime tous, vraiment. Chaque chien que j'ai sauvé me semble être le mien à un moment ou à un autre de notre vie ensemble. Aujourd'hui, c'était ce jour-là pour Greg et moi."- joshthedoodle | Instagram


Kim et Andrew ont non seulement donné à Josh l'occasion de marcher avec un fauteuil roulant canin, mais ils l'ont aussi plongé dans un monde d'aventure et de voyages à travers le pays.

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I get really uncomfortable when people tell me that I’m “a wonderful human being” and I hear that feedback a lot on this platform. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment and I think most people are just expressing how glad they are that Josh landed with a family that celebrates him and takes exceptional care of him. But honestly, that statement makes me feel like I have a lot to live up to. I like to think that I’m just the average human being, made up of equal amounts of good stuff and some less than desirable traits. I love animals and people and I’d love to make a positive impact on both during my lifetime, but that doesn’t make me virtuous by any means. I have a love affair with bad words and I tend to live by the motto “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission” and with that comes an inherent belief that not only are rules meant to be broken, but most don’t apply to me at all. I have a quick temper and a cutting tongue. I don’t vote and if I could get away with it, I would never pay my taxes. If you saw my rap sheet, it might knock you on your ass. I have a laundry list of mistakes in my past and plenty more waiting for me up ahead. That is one thing that I am sure of, so please don’t put me on a social media pedestal. I bring my naked, vulnerable self here to instagram everyday and share my thoughts on how one special dog has fueled my self growth. I don’t have this account to paint a perfect picture of a dream life or to advance myself in this world. I’m just here to tell a story of rescue. I’m not an influencer. Unless you feel influenced to adopt, foster, volunteer or just be a kinder and more open minded, loving individual in which case I will gladly applaud this endeavor and feel honored that I inspired you to do so. But please remember, I’m a flawed individual. I’m not angelic or innocent and I really like to color outside the lines and let me tell you, these crayons are well worn. . . #becausejosh #dogs #rescuedogs #specialneedsdogs #speciallyabledpets #handicapablepets #goldendoodle #instagramdogs #specialneeds #liveauthentically #giveback #doglovers #joshthedoodle #inspire #perseverance #dogspo

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"Je suis vraiment mal à l'aise quand les gens me disent que je suis "un être humain merveilleux" et j'entends souvent ces commentaires sur cette plateforme. Ne vous méprenez pas, j'apprécie ce sentiment et je pense que la plupart des gens expriment simplement leur joie que Josh ait atterri dans une famille qui l'aime et prend soin de lui de façon exceptionnelle."- joshthedoodle | Instagram

"Il avait beaucoup d'expérience en famille d'accueil, mais aucun n'avait de besoins spéciaux, alors je savais que Josh serait un nouveau défi",

dit Kim, 35 ans.

Le chien adore camper, c'est pourquoi il l'emmène généralement sur ses plages ou montagnes préférées pour s'amuser et remplir sa page Instagram. Oui, Josh a son propre compte Instagram.

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Bringing Josh to the beach means lots of exposure that we normally don’t get at home. When we hang out on the boardwalk, people stand in lines with cell phones out, videoing the tiny lion as he runs and bobbles up and down the beach. They always want to know his story and it’s a great opportunity for us to educate them about special needs pets and their ability to thrive. People are smitten with him almost instantly and they smile in amazement. They are inspired by his perseverance. They want to pet him, take their picture with him and run their fingers through his hair. They ask questions, they celebrate him, they cheer him on. The love and welcoming is really something special. In fact, we have made so many wonderful acquaintances just by walking down the beach with josh in his wagon. The people we meet feel Inspired and educated. But josh, how does he feel? I think he feels the love and positivity but he doesn’t understand why. He doesn’t understand that he’s different than the rest. He just feels the good vibes surrounding him. I got to thinking about our special needs human counterparts today and how the world would be such a wonderful place if we greeted them with the same love and positivity we greet Josh. What if we offered high fives and fist bumps? What if we walked up to our non-verbal, fellow humans, stared them directly in the eye and smiled? A smile goes a long way you know. So when we talk about ‘because josh’ moments and the Be Like Josh movement, think about that parallel and maybe help a fellow human to feel included, loved and celebrated. I originally started out wanting to advocate for the dogs that need saving but I’ve come to find that by changing people, we can help the dogs. Without people showing love and compassion to one another, we can’t show compassion to animals. Without people letting go of prejudice against one another, we can’t let go of the prejudice we show animals. So if you really want to be like josh, love people first and the rest will fall into place. I promise, because Josh. #belikejosh #becausejosh #dogs #love #specialneedsdog #speciallyabledpets #handicapable #kindness #inclusion #acceptance #goldendoodle #rescuedog

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"Amener Josh à la plage signifie beaucoup d'exposition que nous n'avons normalement pas à la maison. Lorsque nous traînons sur la promenade, les gens font la queue avec leur téléphone et filment le petit lion en train de courir et de se promener sur la plage."- joshthedoodle | Instagram


"Il va camper, faire de la randonnée, aller à la plage, faire des excursions en voiture, sur les lacs, sur la neige... Quoi que ce soit, il en a fait l'expérience ",

a déclaré l'entraîneur personnel.

Mais prendre soin d'un animal ayant des besoins spéciaux, bien que gratifiant, n'est pas une tâche facile, car il est essentiel de le garder actif avec diverses activités pour qu'il puisse atteindre une bonne qualité de vie.

"Avoir un animal handicapé peut être difficile pour plusieurs raisons : je dirais que notre principal défi est d'apporter un enrichissement constant : de l'exercice et de la stimulation pour le maintenir en mouvement et rester fort ",

ajoute Kim.

Cependant, tous les trois vivent une expérience de vie si satisfaisante qu'ils semblent faits l'un pour l'autre, c'est pourquoi le couple n'échangerait Josh dans leur vie pour rien au monde.


"La chose la plus importante que Josh m'a apprise est d'être reconnaissante pour tout ce que j'ai et d'aimer ma vie malgré les défis auxquels je fais face. Nous ne l'échangerions pour rien au monde ",

conclut la fière maîtresse.

L'histoire de cet bonhomme poilu nous une histoire qui a touchée tout le monde. Maggie, une chienne âgée d’une dizaine d’années ne peut plus marcher. Pour que Maggie puisse se déplacer, sa propriétaire a eu l’ingénieuse idée de lui acheter un chariot

Maggie dans un chariot avec un lit | Twitter /The Golden Ratio

Maggie dans un chariot avec un lit | Twitter /The Golden Ratio

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