Fran lutte contre un cancer du sein, une tumeur cérébrale et une colonne vertébrale brisée

Fran est une Londonienne pas comme les autres, qui a dû faire face à plusieurs problèmes à la fois. Découvrez les batailles de cette femme, pour sa santé. 

Pendant l’année 2020, de nombreuses personnes ont dû faire face au pire. Ceci a été le cas, ou même plus, de Fran Withfied. 

En effet, d’une paralysie, à une tumeur, la femme de 25 ans est passée par tous les états, pendant l’alerte au Covid-19. Zoom sur ses différentes batailles.

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Cancer has reaffirmed to me that training my body to date is far more then asthletics. Yes I always knew this and is something I try to educate my clients but it's not until you're put in a position that you have to fight that it really hits home the importance. I was told I would leave the hospital a week after brain surgery but In 24 hours I got out of bed and the following day I walked out the doors. They say no exercise for 3 months but 2 weeks into recovery Ive said goodbye to all pain meds and it's been agreed I can return. I am of course adapting everything, no weights allowed but using resistance bands to keep strength, cycling everyday to maintain CV fitness and hit my step goal daily. Most of this has been possible because of the way I've trained my body leading to this point. But I firmly believe mental determination will get you through the rest. I wanted to go home and I made that possible. I wanted to keep myself strong in preparation for upcoming treatment and to fight this hard and I made that possible. Something I haven't spoken out yet is that the night I came home from hospital my Grandmother unexpectedly passed away at her home. This came as a huge shock to my family and the worst part was potentially being unable to attend the funeral to be there with my family. Being 260 miles away I couldn't travel in the car for risk of thrombosis and at the time, 4 days out of surgery, no one knew the state I would be in. But I wanted to be there for my Dad, the man who no amount of words I can say can thank for his support and I needed to be there to support him. If I didn't attend cancer was winning and I was not prepared to let that happen, so I put my mind to it recovered quick and I devised a travel plan with my surgeon that has meant that today I could use the train to get up and walk every half hour and tomorrow I will be attending. Physical strengthen will be a huge part of recovery but mental strength makes up the rest. I've had moments the last few days since finding out the head tumour was also cancer where I have felt incredibly low and flat, but you use the fuel to fight and I will not let this beat me.

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Comme précédemment mentionné, c’était pendant la pandémie sanitaire, que Fran, faisait face à ses problèmes de santé. 

“Au milieu du confinement, je faisais de l'exercice dans le jardin. J'ai senti un coup de couteau dans ma colonne vertébrale.”

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Things I did not know go down during a breast cancer MRI... I went in this morning for test number one to find out the extent of this crapbag tumour thinking hey ho at least I get to lie down and have a nap for a while as they always send me to sleep. But no one had warned me that these MRIs are a tad different to the ones I've had before. I would of quite liked to know you will be laying face down, half naked, breasts wedged in holes with an IV line in your arm getting pumped with contrast. Also not ideal I'm still recovering from spinal surgery and that position was not back friendly in any way shape or form so despite this very fetching spa-esque gown, it was not quite the relaxing nap territory I was hoping for! Thankfully I lost the care for dignity 9 weeks ago when I was forced to piss in bed pans and I've accepted that I will be having to free the nips a fair amount for the next few weeks so I just sucked it up and tried to ignore the itch on my nose🙄 It may not be comfortable and you certainly can feel fed up at being poked and exposed but it's all got a purpose and if you have to have it you shouldn't be afraid of getting it done. Just make sure they pick good tunes! Now just for the full body CT scan to ensure there is no spread and then a couple days of lots of coaching, probably lots of baking and lots of distracting before results on Thursday 🤞🏼

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Inconsciente de la gravité de son état, elle avait contacté son médecin, qui lui avait prescrit un antibiotique. Ces derniers n’avaient au final pas eu d'importance, car la douleur n’avait fait que croître. Par la suite, très vite, l’un de ses pieds s’était paralysé


Une fois à l’hôpital, les docteurs ont découvert que la jeune femme s’était rompu un disque dans le bas de la colonne vertébrale. Celle-ci avait immédiatement subi une opération, qui s’était bien passée. Alors qu’elle pensait pouvoir surmonter cette épreuve, les choses ont pris une nouvelle tournure. 

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The last 24 hours since surgery have been a rollercoaster but a good friend said to me "life never throws at people things that they cannot fight" and I'm still in the fight and pushing through. The surgery went with no complications however post surgery has been rough. They haven't managed to control the pain, my body appears to say nah thanks to everything and it's been immense. This is the decider as to whether Im allowed to move and in turn go home so for now it's another night here. The staff have truly been incredible doing everything they can and I've been moved to a different ward to get it under control and potentially rescan in the morning if the pain is still severe. Having lost all dignity via bed pans, sponge baths, brushing my teeth in a cup, getting injected into my stomach for blood clots and pumped full of everything, as strong as I'm trying to stay I've had my fair share of meltdowns today. It's hard not having visitors because of this time but everyone has been so incredible with their messages and I appreciate it so much ❤️ My foot is still enjoying his nap and doesn't want to awake up quite yet but that will take it's time and I've bee told I may always have a degree of numbness but for now I'm just focusing on rest, staying positive and stopping the pain so I can get back home to my banana bread! #mybrotherbetternoteatitall

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C’était en 2019 que Fran avait découvert une bosse au niveau de son sein. Cependant, son médecin lui avait fait comprendre que c’était une conséquence hormonale, et celui-ci n’avait pas fait d’échographie. 

Un an plus tard, en juillet 2020, Fran a fait une remarque sur son visage et “a su que ce n’était pas bon signe”. C’est trois jours plus tard, qu’on lui avait diagnostiqué un cancer du sei : 

“Et de là, ça a été un véritable enfer, pour être exact, juste une énorme boule de neige de différentes choses."


La masse était devenue bénigne. Toutefois, d’autres scanners avaient révélé une activité suspecte dans son cerveau. C’est ainsi qu’une tumeur cérébrale a été découverte. Son oncologue a déclaré qu'elle croyait être une métastase du cancer du sein de Fran.

La chose la plus terrible ici est que si ce diagnostic se révélait être vrai, Fran aurait maximum quatre ans de vie. 

“A 25 ans, il n'y a pas de mots qui peuvent vraiment décrire le fait de se faire dire quelque chose comme ça.”

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Thank you everyone for your endless support and love. Once I was a bit more compos mentis it was lovely to receive the messages I did and power me through the hours post surgery. Brain surgery is no tickle, it's been incredibly tough. The pain is pretty severe but the waves of nausea are actually the worst. If not being able to open my mouth from cutting through the muscle won't stop me eating, feeling like your on a roundabout and going to hurl every 5 minutes definitely will! But thankfully the staff in ICU have been amazing in keeping me dosed up and I'm on regular anti-sickness and painkillers to help me through 😊 Having to have three separate IVs but veins that have had enough have left me with 10 holes in my arms and a lot of bruising but today we are fully off IV drugs and recovery is going strong. The swelling and bruising in my face is coming through now but it's expected to get worse before it gets better so just got to fully embrace the MMA look😅 the delightful cracking sound in my head is pretty grim but just working through it and I'm grateful to my body for being strong enough to get me through surgery and making a speedy recovery. In the end, it was deemed too risky to remove the whole thing as it had attached itself to too many nerves. I have a lot of numbness in my face already where the nerves have been annoyed but this should make a full recovery in a few months 🤞🏼 but at least we got the most part out and this can be tested. Right now I don't want to think about the pathology report, I'm taking one thing at a time. It's going to be a very long frightening week but just taking one day at a time and focusing on getting home, recovering well and eating a lot of ice cream! P.S check your boobs🙏🏻

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Elle avait donc dû subir une opération, du cerveau, loin de ses proches, car c’était pendant la période du confinement. Deux jours après son opération, elle rentrait chez elle, et devait déjà faire face au décès de sa grand-mère

"Ma famille a donc vraiment vécu une période difficile.”


Bien que l’année n’ait pas été très évidente pour elle, cette dernière, ne compte pas baisser les bras pour autant. 

“J'étais déterminée à sortir de l'hôpital en deux jours au lieu d'une semaine, et j'étais déterminée à me rendre à l'enterrement de ma grand-mère, et j'ai réussi à y arriver."

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It's been 2 and a half years since I joined F45 and in that time I have done some incredible things and met many incredible people that are my friends and family for life. From travelling California, to seeing two empty shells turn into fully fledged gyms, it's been a massive journey! All the hours, the sweat, the tears and the broken foot have all been worth it because the experience I'm coming away with is rare and as is gaining some of my now best friends. I'm honoured to have seen @f45_training_vauxhall through its first year as Head Coach and meet, train and help change the lives of the hundreds of people that have come through our doors. It's something I will take through with me for life, as will the ability to remember so many names!😂 But the time has come for me to move on and make a change in my career. I will miss my team and the members unbelievably but I am so glad to see them through their journeys to this point. Tomorrow will be a sad day as I will be coaching for the last time but 2020 holds so much potential to be an amazing year.

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Celle-ci continue donc d’avancer, et ne compte pas encore se laisser abattre.

les diffiultés avaient été différentes pour tous, pendant cette période de crise sanitaire. Redécouvrez les craintes de Thomas Dutronc, qui avait décidé de ne pas s'éloigné de sa mère, parce qu'il s'inquiétait pour elle.

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