"Stevie a pris son dernier souffle dans nos bras" : la fille d'Ashley Stock est morte

Pour un parent, faire face à la perte d’un enfant est une épreuve très difficile à vivre. C’est ce qu’a expérimenté Ashley Stock, car cette dernière a perdu sa fille de trois ans. Elle s’est exprimée à ce sujet.

La perte d’un enfant est une épreuve particulièrement difficile à vivre. Ainsi, Ashley Stock est contrainte d’y faire face, car sa fille de trois ans Stevie, a perdu la vie de manière brutale. 

L'influenceuse s’est exprimée sur son compte Instagram. 


En effet, Ashley vient de voir mourir Stevie, d’une tumeur brutale.

La petite famille avait appris la maladie de Stevie en 2019. Après avoir vu une détérioration de l’état de santé de cette dernière, Ashley l’avait emmené à l’hôpital. C’est à ce moment que la fillette avait été diagnostiquée d’une tumeur du tronc cérébral, qui affecte particulièrement les enfants. Il s’agit du Giome Pontin Intrinsèque Diffus (DIPG).

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“This is my life now”. That sentence plays in my head several times daily. Sometimes i catch myself whispering it out loud. I still can’t tell if I’m phrasing it as a question or a mantra. Perhaps both. I suppose it depends on the moment. Because there are definitely times when I’m wading in peace about the new path the Lord has placed before us. But then, there are the mornings...when i wake up, and for a split second, i think this could all be a terrible nightmare and I’ll get out of bed and walk back into the life i signed up for. Then reality hits me like a punch to the gut. A lump forms in my throat and it becomes hard to swallow. Suddenly I’m torn between going back to sleep to stop the pain or rushing to scoop up my baby girl and soak up every single moment with her. I’m choosing the moments over the sleep. I can sleep later. I can breakdown later. For now, I trace the invisible line from the middle of her forehead down to the tip of her nose with my finger at least a hundred times a day. I’m memorizing the way her features relax with my touch. I’m saying silent prayers that i never forget the way her skin feels on mine. I’m smelling her salty hair and her sticky neck and her sweet little toes and wishing there was a way to bottle her scent up forever. I gently tickle her belly button and massage her head and tell her constantly that she is safe, she is loved, she is perfect, she makes me happy and I’m so proud of her. 📷: @michellebeller

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La triste nouvelle est parue sur le compte Instagram de la star, à travers un message poignant

“À 13 h 05, le 27 mai, Stevie a pris son dernier souffle dans nos bras. (...) Pour l'instant, je suis submergée de soulagement qu'elle soit en paix”.

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🌟Stevie Lynn Stock 🌟 3 years old. Seed Planter. Miracle Maker. Light Giver. Heart Healer. Blue eyed, dimpled smile, curly haired forever baby girl. Adored little sister, daughter and friend. At 1:05pm on May 27th, Stevie took her final breath in our arms. There have been many miracles and countless God moments that I’ll put into words when my heart has strength. For now, I’m overwhelmed with relief that she’s at peace but I’m also feeling crushed by a pain so intense i can’t put it into words. I let it out a bit at a time, like when you gently twist the lid off a liter soda bottle...releasing the built up pressure little by little to keep it from exploding all over the place. I guess it’s like that. I’m twisting the lid on my grief gently. Because if i release it all at once, i don’t see how i could possibly survive. Gentleness has been my most effective approach on grief these last months, gentleness for myself and for all the beloved mourners by my side. We have complete faith in there being a greater purpose of this tragedy (and it’s already unfolding through your stories of renewed hope), but unfortunately, faith is not a “get out of pain free” card, and that’s okay. I don’t know how to do this, so for now we’ll continue one day at a time held by the grace of God, the support of loved ones and the prayers of strangers who have become friends. #stevielynnstock #dipg #starsforstevie

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Bien qu’elle soit complètement sous le choc, Ashley reste la maman de deux petits garçons, Wesley, et Sawyer. C’est certainement pour cette raison qu’elle ne compte pas se laisser aller, et croit en l’avenir.

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I always imagined i would coach her soccer team one day. Weekend tournament mother/daughter road trips, practicing in the backyard, feeling my stomach bottom out for her when she misses her first penalty kick, beaming with pride when she scores the game winning goal. I imagine I’d certainly lose my cool during intense games and I’d likely embarrass her from the sidelines. I’d tell her stories from my soccer days—stories about when i was a poor sport (more than i care to admit), about leadership, about getting red carded out of my final game senior year, about secret handshakes and team comradery and the best songs on my “warm up” mix CD (Dixie Chicks, blink 182 and Green Day). She’d roll her eyes and call me a Boomer but I’d hope that deep down she’d see some of herself in me and it would make her proud. Right now, Stevie is surrounded by the ones she loves most, with her favorite treats and unlimited snuggles and “surprises”. She’s not grieving a life she imagined and soccer games not played. I am. And, unlike many other parents on this icky cancer road, that’s an element to this horrible pain that Ben and I don’t have to face. She doesn’t know what’s happening, she doesn’t ask questions, she’s not grieving, she’s doesn’t feel like she’s “missing out” or counting down the hours and the minutes of her days. My heart aches for the parents who must grieve alongside their children who understand their prognosis, explaining a pain and a tragedy to their child when they are barely learning to process the grief themselves. That is a level of pain i can’t fathom—and amidst my own grief, i save space and get on my knees in prayer for these extra super hero parents balancing the physical AND emotional needs of their sick kiddos. Friends,the prayers work. I have PHYSICALLY felt your prayers wash over me like a wave in moments that i feel too weak to stand. It’s an energy that is tangible and real and powerful and keeping us going—and I’ll never be able to thank enough for the love you send our way every day. #stevielynnstock #starsforstevie #dipg 📷: @michellebeller

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“Je ne sais pas comment faire, donc pour le moment nous allons continuer un jour à la fois grâce à la grâce de Dieu, au soutien des êtres chers et aux prières des étrangers devenus des amis”.

Tout le monde lui souhaite d’obtenir la force de traverser cette épreuve difficile avec bravoure. 

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Resting 🤍🤍🤍 #stevielynnstock #dipg

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